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Maintaining your property, coping with breakdowns, arranging repairs, dealing with contractors or organising home renovations can cost you valuable time, energy and disrupt your peace of mind. We are here to take care of your property, whether you are based here in London or abroad. Our staff will maintain your home whilst you are absent, oversee and implement any necessary repairs or upkeep, prepare your home ready for your visit, and be proactively on hand to keep an eye on things if any unusual situations should arise. With Franklin London, you will have peace of mind knowing that your home and its contents are always well taken care of.

We have a wealth of strong relationships with various tried and tested contractors, and a black book of contacts, so that we can provide you with any service required. With years of experience working in private households, we have expertise with all sorts of household and property challenges, big or small. Whether its changing a hard-to-reach lightbulb, fixing a leak, polishing a marble floor, or you’re embarking on a large-scale development of your home in London, Franklin manages all of your needs with skill and efficiency.

The property you own in London may well be one of your most valuable assets, which makes ongoing maintenance crucial. Franklin London provides finely tuned property maintenance services for luxury homeowners in London and throughout the UK. Whether you are a local resident or staying abroad, we provide a single point of contact that will ensure all aspects of care and oversight are managed expertly. From emergency maintenance call outs to regular upkeep of the mechanics of your home, Franklin will take the burden of property maintenance off your hands.

If you are looking for luxury property management services in or around London, contact us today!

Property Maintenance Services

  • Regular property visits & checks.
  • Preventative, scheduled property maintenance programmes.
  • Trusted, qualified tradesmen for works or repairs
  • Creation of fully transparent cost schedules & instruction manuals to ensure continuity in the management of your property.
  • Complete mapping of all mechanical and plant room equipment
  • Full property audit and presentation of report detailing issues and solutions.

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Luxury Property Maintenance

Our bespoke property management and maintenance programmes will prevent you from suffering inevitable breakdowns and the consequent disruption, expense and time-wasting that ensues. Franklin will care for all aspects of your home at all times, even in your absence; from the plant room mechanical systems, specialist AV circuits, portfolio insurance and guarantees, exterior upkeep or even hot tub maintenance.

You and your family are now free to enjoy your wonderful home without inconvenient disruptions, worrying about paperwork or negotiating with tradespeople.

Property Management and Maintenance

Property management for one large home can be a full-time job, but once you own several properties, the issues are multiplied. Juggling the management of your properties alongside your usual demanding schedule can be inefficient and stress inducing. As professional property manager, we help you take care of your home and investment, and ensure they remain high value assets.

Franklin London specialises in not only preventative property maintenance, but any emergency situation that may arise.

From regularly checking plumbing and electrics, overseeing the security, or maintaining the exterior landscaping, our attention to detail ensures ongoing quality and consistency of service.

Property Maintenance Company

Our luxury property management service differs from the standard residential property  management in several ways. Franklin London offer a completely bespoke and personalised service tailored to suit your particular needs at any given time. Delivering the best possible experience for our discerning clients can require unique touches, such as flying in your champagne of choice for a dinner party, installing state-of-the-art air purifiers in your home to prevent allergies, or checking your dressing room for moths periodically. We will oversee these small but significant details, so that your property feels like home as soon as you step inside. If this sounds like a service you could benefit from, you should contact Franklin London today!

You and your family are now free to enjoy your wonderful home without inconvenient disruptions, worrying about paperwork or negotiating with tradespeople.

Property Maintenance Quotes

If you are looking for a property maintenance company in or around London then you should contact Franklin London today. Our staff are highly experienced in all aspects of luxury property management. You can fill out a contact form with the details of your requirements or give us a call for a quote today!

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