West London Property Management Maintenance Homeowners Belgravia Mayfair ChelseaWhy is property maintenance and management for London homes so important? We can all agree that it is absolutely vital to regularly service your car, if you don’t then sooner or later (but probably sooner), it will simply grind to a halt in a cloud of smoke.

A similar principle applies to property, which is usually much more valuable than our cars. If our homes are not properly cared for and maintained they will break down which is not only inconvenient, but expensive!

This is particularly the case with properties like those of our clients – high-end, super prime homes with many high-tech moving parts. These houses come with state-of-the-art heating, light, sound or security systems to give them their super luxury title, yet if these fail, then the costs to replace them can be into the tens of thousands. Our London-based property management & maintenance services ensure our clients’ valuable properties are properly and professionally cared for.

For property owners with a number of homes, then our service is even more vital. Empty properties can deteriorate faster as they are not being kept at average temperatures, and without eyes on the ground, leaks or breakdowns can have a much more serious impact.

Even if household staff are in residence, often they will not have the necessary knowledge or contacts to identify and fix the issues. This can lead to botched repairs or unscrupulous tradespeople taking advantage.

When we take on the management and maintenance of a property, we conduct a comprehensive audit of the building to assess any areas that need attention and then implement a highly detailed, preventive home care and servicing schedule to predict or pre-empt any issues that might arise.

As a minimum our property management & maintenance programme will include areas such as:

Security systems –

  • Fire, Smoke, & Intruder Alarm Tests and Servicing
  • CCTV System Servicing, Camera lenses cleaned regularly
  • Security Light testing with sensor batteries checked and replaced
  • Intercom system testing

Plumbing/Heating/Cooling –

  • Boiler – Servicing and Gas Safety Certification
  • Water Pressure Vessels Serviced
  • Air Conditioning Servicing
  • Water Softeners & Filters – serviced, tested and filters replaced

Spa/Gym Equipment –

  • Sauna, Steam Room, Jacuzzi – serviced and cleaned

General areas –

  • Lifts – regular maintenance and tests
  • Kitchen appliances – checked and filters changed if needed
  • Lightbulbs – regular checks throughout property, replaced as needed
  • Electric Gates or Doors serviced

Property Fabric –

  • Roofs & gutters inspected for damage, leaks and any debris cleared
  • Terraces and patios cleaned, mortar or pointing checked and repaired
  • Windows cleaned
  • Gardens maintained

We work to give our clients time and peace of mind, and to add value to their homes and possessions. When you entrust your assets to us you are free and empowered to focus on the more important and enjoyable areas of your life.

Get to know us and how we work with a no-charge consultation and see how we can make a real difference to your life.