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Our ethos of unstinting, seamless service means that we think nothing is impossible. There is always an innovative solution to achieve the desired outcome. If there is something our client wants or needs, then we will deliver it. This could be helping make their dream project come to life, or fixing a nightmare situation. As a consequence, our work varies tremendously, from the mundane to the sublime and everything else in between.

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A Day In the Life of Franklin London  

When asked, it can be a little tricky to explain exactly what we do as Franklin London. In some ways, it would be easier to say what we don’t do (only the illegal and the unethical!). The principal part of our service is the property & household management for private individuals, but this gives merely an overview of what really goes on behind the scenes.

As a company, we work as a team, with each member taking on the tasks that are best suited to their specialist area of knowledge or expertise so that our clients receive the best possible service in the shortest possible time. This means our work schedules usually involve juggling many delicate matters as quickly as possible. Let’s begin with an insight into each morning, a Typical Franklin day starts at:

9.00am GMT – As we start the day, each Franklin team member will reply to emails and messages received overnight, update clients with the necessary information, follow up with suppliers or tradespersons as needed, and run through their top priority list for the day.

10.00am Barring any last-minute urgent matters, we will all convene for a meeting to discuss our current projects and tasks that need to be handled. In the current situation, our meetings are now over Zoom, but previously we might have met at our offices in Mayfair or perhaps at Home House, our delightful, private members club in Portman Square behind Oxford Street.

Personal Estate Management London to Monaco – Global Clients

Recent Franklin projects have included sourcing silverware for a client from the London Silver Vaults off Chancery Lane; supplying a client with a portfolio insurance quote for their properties in Belgravia, Monaco, and Miami; resolving an awkward household staffing situation for a philanthropist based between London and the Continent, or overseeing the refurbishment of a Chelsea townhouse.

Each team member will bring the rest up to speed on the particular projects they are working on. These projects could vary dramatically in nature.

This joint discussion allows us all to benefit from each other’s different experiences and contacts as we all put our heads together to ensure our clients’ requirements are fully satisfied and their expectations exceeded.


After our meeting concludes, we all depart our separate ways. One of us may have a lunch meeting with an interior designer on the King’s Road in Chelsea to discuss the design options for a London-based client’s upcoming redesign project. We would then visit the project in Mayfair to check over the on-going works to ensure everything is on schedule and to the client’s exact specification.

Or, we may pop over to another client’s mews home in Belgravia to check on the property, water the plants and collect any mail. This is part and parcel of our property management service for when our client’s homes are empty.

Another client may have asked us to source some new bed linens for their Thames riverside apartment, so a trip to a specialist linen shop on Walton Street is required, and then onto the D. Porthault concession at Harrods.

Home Management Services London, Mayfair, and Belgravia

With no task too small for our attention, we will also take care of day-to-day administrative tasks for our clients such as paying utility bills, arranging MOT’s and servicing for vehicles, booking in dry-cleaning collections and deliveries, and all manner of sundry tasks. Our property management & maintenance service covers all the myriad different tasks involved in running high-value homes.

3.00-6.00pm As the afternoon progresses, we may return to our desks to catch up on emails and telephone calls. It is likely that we will have a call scheduled with a client to discuss an ongoing project. One of our clients with a beautiful riverside home just outside of London has asked us to recruit a House Manager for them. We will have previously discussed the client’s specific requirements for this household staffing role, and with our in-depth direct knowledge of their household and how they wish it to be run, during this meeting we are able to present them with a curated short-list of high-calibre candidates. Our client will then give us direction as to whether we will carry out final stage interviews and if they will be present personally.

Problem Solving and Going The Extra Mile – Client Emergencies

Typically, last-minute, extremely urgent requests often tend to arrive towards the end of the day. Sometimes these can involve crisis management and assistance or security matters.

In this instance, a long-standing client travelling on holiday in France has unaccountably lost the keys to their car and has requested their spare set to be sent out to them from their home in West London.

A quick team consult is needed to brainstorm the quickest and best solution to this tricky issue. With local garages closed due to a local holiday and the added complications of the 14-day pandemic quarantine rule for travellers, the fastest and most suitable solution is to have the spare keys collected by one of our staff that evening and taken by motorcycle courier to our client’s hotel in France, arriving before lunchtime the following day.  

24Hour Property Management Services West London

6.00pm – onwards Whilst the rest of the Franklin team will normally finish their day by 6.00pm, one of the team will remain available for anything our clients may need outside of hours. This might simply be a request for some information about a particular subject or the client may have had a thought about a project and wish to discuss it with us. On other occasions we will be contacted by a client or their security team or alarm companies due to a possible breach or security alert.

This evening, we will be keeping tabs on the courier delivery in progress, providing the client with regular updates as their keys swiftly journey from West London to France.

Personal Estate Management Services by Franklin London

As we can see, there is never a dull day for the Franklin team as we work to provide the highest standard of service and assistance to our clients.

Our services include, but not limited to – Property Management, London Staffing services, Lifestyle and Concierge hire, and sourcing Collections.

If you would like to find out how our private office or property management services can assist you and your household, contact us today.