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Property Management Homeowners West London Belgravia Personal Estate Residential Mayfair Staffing Home Maintenance Repair Services Company Franklin London

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Franklin London offers full-service, bespoke, luxury property management services for London homeowners. Whether you are resident in London or living abroad, with Franklin London you will have a highly experienced, single point of contact to ensure all aspects of care & oversight associated with your properties, treasured possessions, asset portfolio or personal requirements are expertly managed. Our household management services are second to none, offering discreet management services for our clients.

Property Management Companies London

Whether you’re an investor or a homeowner, it’s a good idea to consider hiring a property management company. Property management companies can take care of important tasks that you might not have time for, such as: regular maintenance, repairs, security and household administration. Having an expert on hand to manage these mundane tasks leaves you with more time and peace of mind. Here at Franklin London, our team are highly experienced in working with high-value properties covering all aspects of property management, property maintenance and lifestyle management. If you are looking for a property management company in or around London, contact us today!

Property Manager London

A property management agent in London will oversee the care, maintenance and upkeep of a building’s interior and exterior. Often, homeowners or investors live abroad much of the time, and need a property manager to take care of their property in their absence. Franklin London can assume full responsibility in caring for the property, overseeing larger projects such as refurbishment or redecoration, through to everyday cleaning, collecting parcels, security and gardening, or administering household bills and paperwork.

Luxury Property Management London

Here at Franklin London, our team are dedicated to offering luxury property management services. From keeping your property in pristine condition to ensuring it is always well maintained, presented and ready for your return we will manage everything down to the tiniest detail.

Our Luxury Property Management Services Include:

  • Regular property visit & checks.
  • Preventative, scheduled property maintenance program
  • Trusted qualified tradesman.
  • Creation of fully transparent cost schedule & instruction to ensure continuity in the management.

  • In-house design of small projects.
  • ​Management of design and refurb projects.
  • Recommendation of trusted companies and tradespeople.
  • Management of all necessary paperwork.
  • ​​Specialist insurance for property, vehicle and other.
  • ​Household expenditure audit.
  • ​​Payment and administration of utility & other bills.
  • Franklin will act as a buffer with your interests at heart for all matters relating to your property, staff and lifestyle.

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