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Winter is a time for bedding in & snuggling down, enjoying our home as a refuge from the rain, wind and snow. But, in order to ensure we can enjoy being warm & dry, our homes need care and attention before and during the winter season. Whether you are in the UK over the next few months or if you have escaped to sunnier climes, Franklin can take care of Property Management for your London home in winter with our Property Management & Maintenance programs.



When it comes to property management for your London home, your household staff may be finding themselves busier than usual and this could lead to certain essential tasks being overlooked. Christmas is usually a time when you would be entertaining many guests for parties, suppers and overnight stays so  with so much on their hands, Franklin can assist your staff in properly caring for all aspects of your home. Whatever the scenario in your household, here are some suggestions for ways your staff can proactively look after your home over the winter.


  • Silverware: despite this year’s absence of many formal dinner parties, it is still important that your silverware is polished regularly. This prevents it tarnishing, preserves it for the long-term and means it will be ready to shine at a moment’s notice once restrictions are lifted.

Should you require any beautiful additions to your tableware, Franklin have a black-book of suppliers we have worked with for many years so we can help source the perfect pieces.


  • Wardrobe Management: with the changing weather comes the perfect opportunity to reorganise your dressing room. With there being less emphasis on glamours parties and events this year, it may be necessary to work more closely than usual with your personal assistant or housekeeper so as to rearrange your wardrobe to feature more luxurious knits and cashmere.

Franklin can offer specialist training to your household staff to ensure your housekeepers know how to properly care for and store your fine or couture garments.


  • Garden: our gardens are one of the main things we can still enjoy to the fullest, even in the chilly weather. We can create areas that are pleasing to the eye and useable in all weathers. To support our local traders, here in West London we have The Chelsea Gardener who always have a marvelous selection of indoor and outdoor plants that can transform your outside spaces into a winter wonderland. Their Patio heaters will mean you can comfortably enjoy sitting outside with friends in your own garden. On a practical note, we always recommend ensuring your irrigation schedule is changed for the winter, as your garden will need less watering and this helps prevent problems due to freezing.

We work closely with your gardeners and specialist irrigation companies to ensure your garden is immaculately maintained all year round whether you are at your property or away. If you would like Franklin to completely over see the care & maintenance of your garden and exterior, our maintenance department will comprehensively manage this on your behalf, please see www.franklinmaintenance.co.uk


  • AV Systems: As we are spending more time indoors, and particularly with the longer, darker evenings, it is well worth thinking about upgrading AV systems. With constant developments such as the latest LG ‘rollable’ TV which retracts into a rectangular box, there is no better time to set up top of the range home cinema and music systems.

Here at Franklin we have close relationships with trusted AV companies who are specialists in the field and interior designers who can build you a completely bespoke home cinema room.


  • Exterior Property Management: wintertime brings heavy rains, winds and even snowfall, and problems with guttering, pointing, brickwork or roofing will become all too apparent if water ingress or chilly drafts. Gutters should be regularly cleared of leaves & debris, roofs and walls checked for any gaps or degraded pointing and any lead-work needs to be up-to-scratch.

Franklin have our own handyman and specialist tradespersons who can assess your property and make specific recommendations for any areas that need improvement.

Further Assistance

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